The staff at Watkins Ross knows that excellent service means satisfied clients.

Excellent service is achieved by assigning every client a team that understands its unique needs, produces accurate results, communicates effectively, and responds timely. Our relationships are characterized by an attitude of cheerfulness, openness, and integrity.

We offer a wide range of services
The staff at Watkins Ross understands retirement plans.

Our goal is to help our clients create and operate successful retirement programs, where success is defined by the client, not us.

We offer a wide range of services
The staff at Watkins Ross has broad diversity of backgrounds and experience.

Watkins Ross embraces these differences and encourages open discussions within the firm. This diversity leads to unique perspectives, which results in creative solutions to meet our clients' needs.

We offer a wide range of services
The staff at Watkins Ross is a highly valued resource.

Our staff of well trained, very experienced professionals understands retirement plans. We help our clients to establish and maintain retirement plans that work for their employees; to make sense of and comply with complex regulations; and to offer our services at fair and reasonable cost.

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Highway and Transportation Funding Act (HATFA)

On August 8, the president signed the Highway and Transportation Funding Act (HATFA). Part of the revenue-raising in the Act provides for “pension smoothing” which is accomplished by resetting required interest rates used in minimum funding calculations back to the original corridor set in 2012 by MAP-21. The initial effect of this will increase the […]

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New ESOP Legislation

According to the National Center for Employee Ownership, about 12,000 companies in the United States, employing 11-million Americans, have embraced Employee Stock Ownership Plans, commonly known as ESOPs, or other similar trust-based plans. The concept can motivate and reward employees, the NCEO noted on its website, and are used to take advantage of borrowing incentives […]

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